Visa Services

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Vienna, Austria started Machine Readable Visa (MRV) from 13 August 2015. All the applicants are requested to apply online to get visas from the Embassy of Bangladesh in Vienna. We also suggest that you have the following information on hand: (1) Passport, (2) 45mm x 35mm Digital Photo in JPEG format; Maximum size is 300kb, (3) Address in Bangladesh, (4) Email Address. The online application process requires:

Step 1: Fill up and submit the Online Visa Application Form
Step 2: Print the completed form (with bar code at last page)
Step 3: Take/send the printed form (with photo & bar code at the last page) enclosed with required documents, payment of visa fees to the Embassy address: Embassy of Bangladesh, Hofzeile 4, Vienna-1190, Austria. Please take/ send the online printed application form to the Embassy within 5 days of the online application submitted, otherwise your information may be deleted from the system automatically and you need to submit the application again.

Diplomatic Visa: Diplomats assigned to Bangladesh or going on an official visit to Bangladesh need this type of visa. No visa fee is required for Diplomatic visa.
Requirements:a. A Note Verbale articulating the purpose of visit from the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Embassy/International organization.
b. Properly filled-out applications in duplicate along with two photographs.

Official Visa: Official/delegatoin Member(s) of government/Semi-Government/Autonomous organs are entitled to this type of visas.No visa fee is required for Official visa.
Requirements:a. Note verbale/a letter from the relevant foreign government agency.
b. Properly filled-out applications in duplicate along with two photographs.

Tourist Visa: For tourists heading to Bangladesh. Tourist visa allows only single entry; there is no option for multiple entries.a. A copy of both way flight booking / itinerary (air ticket information).
b. Confirmation of Hotel booking or alternatively, a self-explanatory letter and a signed invitation letter mentioning the address and phone number of a resident citizen of Bangladesh with a copy of his/her National Identity Document (NID) or copy of Passport. In some cases a personal interview may be required.

Business Visa: Businessmen of Austria, Hungary, or Slovenia who intends to visit Bangladesh on business purpose are issued with this kind of visa.
Requirements:a. A recommendation letter from the sending company stating the membership number and address of the competent Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
b. An invitation letter from the company in Bangladesh.

Investor Visa: A person who intends to visit Bangladesh on investment purpose is issued with this kind of visa.
Requirements:A certificate from the Board of Investment (BOI) and in some cases from the Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA) certifying that the investor is required.

NGO Visa: People intending to work for a NGO in Bangladesh are issued with this kind of visa:
Requirements:a. Certificate from the NGO affairs Bureau of Bangladesh
b. Appointment letter / work contract.

Employment Visa: People employed in Bangladesh are issued with this kind of visa. Employment visas are issued for a maximum period of 3 months. The visa can be extended for the full period in Bangladesh.
Requirements:a. Employment letter or contract issued in favour of the applicant.
b. A certificate from the relevant Ministry / BOI / BEPZA regarding their employment.
c. An invitation letter from the relevant company/organization in Bangladesh .

Technical Visa: People residing in Austria, Hungary, or Slovenia willing to visit Bangladesh for technical purposes or to take part in specific projects are issued with this kind of visa. Technical visa can be issued with six months validity and one month stay per entry. The visa may be extended in Bangladesh.
Requirements:a. Recommendation letter from BOI / BEPZA,
b. An invitation letter from the company in Bangladesh
c. A recommendation letter from the local company in Austria.

Student Visa: Student visas are issued for students
Requirements:Letter of admission in the respective educational institution in Bangladesh

Research Visa: People intend going to Bangladesh for an internship, training or research in an organisation other than an educational institution are issued with this kind of visa.
Requirements:a. A letter from the organisation in Bangladesh and
b. A letter of acceptance from the competent Ministry.

Journalist Visa: This type of visa is issued for Journalists intending to visit Bangladesh for professional purposes.
Requirements:Clearance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka. All relevant forms for such clearance will be provided by the Embassy upon application for visa.
Form for Journalist Visa FF-I and FF-II 

Missionary Visa: For Missionaries. Requirements:
Requirements:a. Submit a recommendation letter or appointment letter from the institution in Bangladesh
b. A clearance from the Religious Affairs Ministry of Bangladesh.

Visa application forms can be downloaded and sent to the Embassy after completion. Please follow the enclosed instructions for quick issuance of visa.

V-5 List of Machine Readable Visa Fees Fillable Letter of Authorization