‘No visa required’ stamp: persons of Bangladeshi origin who hold Austrian passport or passport of any of the other countries under this Embassy’s accreditation, need to show copy of their valid Bangladeshi passport, or copy of their previous Bangladeshi passport together with certificate of dual nationality to get the stamp for the first time. A fee of Euro 43 needs to be paid. For renewing the stamp in a new passport after expiry of the existing passport, copy of the previous ‘No visa required’ stamp have to be provided.


For the ‘No visa required’ stamp for a child, birth certificate and proof of Bangladeshi nationality of the parent is required. For a non-Bangladeshi married partner, a copy of marriage certificate, proof of nationality of the Bangladeshi partner and clearance certificate from Special Branch of Bangladesh will be required.


For further queries regarding visa/NVR the consular section of the Embassy can be contacted by email at mission.vienna@mofa.gov.bd